Israel-Morocco Pioneers Leadership forum

Connecting young professionals from Morocco and Israel by person-to-person interactions.

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Topic: The Opportunities of our generations

The forum will provide us a platform for young professionals in the Middle East & North Africa to bond & interact based on shared experiences and challenges, to create business and social collaborations to strengthen the relations between the two nations youth.

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*Please note that the event has a limited number of spots and therefore admission is selective.

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  • 17:30-17:45 Opening remarks (Mimouna & ISRAEL-is speakers) 
  • 17:45-18:05 Breakout room #1 – Who are you? 
  • 18:05-18:25 Breakout room #2 – What is Multiculturalism for you? 
  • 18:25-18:45 Breakout room #3 – What are the opportunities of our generation?
  • 18:45-19:05 Breakout room #4 – What are the Challenges of our generation?
  • 19:05-19:20 Summary remarks 

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11/8 17:30 MOR, 19:30 ISR


Enterprenurenship & Innovation

Language exchange

Culinary & Music

our vision

Peace agreements can be divided into two types. Those that are signed between politicians and occur only in the highest levels of governments, and those that lead to peace between the countries’ peoples. We cannot allow the governments to do all the work.  We want to be the civil foundation of the Abraham Accords. 

We want to create a natural bridge between young Israelis and Moroccans for the benefit of our region. The human connection that unites people will move the peace from the signatures on documents to the everyday realities and relationships between people. This is important to enrich our lives and better the lives of all in the region.