leaders of tomorrow

Strengthening Relationships Between The Young Citizens Of Israel, The United Arab Emirates, And The Kingdom Of Bahrain.​

We are old neighbors.
We are new friends.
We are the leaders of tomorrow

We’re planting seeds of change within the young generation and they’re already bearing fruit. Our sessions have led to the formation of trusting, destigmatized friendships and unique ideas for taking on common challenges and opportunities. Each meeting reveals another reason to get excited for the future!

about us

We are a generation who grew up without acknowledging our neighbors. Thanks to the peace treaties signed between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain we can finally get to know one another, forging friendships and solidifying ties between our nations. 

We weren’t surprised to discover that despite many years of political division our citizens have found so much in common. We believed in a shared ability to shape the future of our Middle East, so we created this initiative — a forum in which we can connect, discuss, and learn on a bimonthly basis in order to further strengthen our relations and find common ground. 

Israeli and Emirati students hold their countries flag

our vision

With COVID-19 and travel restrictions bearing down on all of us, we have been holding pioneering digital forums twice a month to meet and explore the practical and symbolic value our cooperation provides for the futures of our respective countries.  These forums will gradually grow and will provide us to learn more about each others lives.

Soon we’ll be able to travel to each other’s homes and finally meet our new friends, continuing to build the knowledge and trust necessary to knock down the artificial barriers put up between us. 

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