live virtual tour in Al-Ain (UAE), Jezreel Valley (Northern Israel) and Muharraq (Bahrain)

The "Abraham Tours" initiative builds bridges between the Abraham Accords Youth through soft landing tours with locals.


18:30 UAE Time, 17:30 ISR & BH, 15:30 MOR



Jezreel Valley - Northern Israel



 Fun and Educational Virtual Tourism Meetups Between Youth

Abraham Tours provides a platform for travelers in Israel & UAE to bond and interact based on shared experiences and challenges. Our vision is to bring inspiration, innovation and to create a better everyday life for travel lovers. In order to show our beautiful countries and cultures, we want to share each other’s authentic experiences and deliver them to young members of the Abraham Accords.

The Entrepreneurs

Loran Langsner

Collaborations director

Aviv Atia

Brand Strategist

Sherif Abaza

Business Development

Yusuf Mohamed

tourism expert

Tal Medina

Project Manager